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Cage guide and low noise control valve



ProductName:Cage guide and low noise control valve 



The low noise cage type globe valve is mainly designed to lower the fluid noise. Plentiful eyelets on tube make it to throttle, diffuse & expand the air and braise, eclipse the liquid. The globe valve is of tight structure, low noise and great dynamic stability. It is widely applicable to the control of high temperature, high pressure or high pressure difference fluid. We can make it into the ripples tube airproof type, lengthen type and heat radiating type. The standard executor is spring film type and electronics type.



The tube of bore structure can lower the noise of air media, prevent liquid from
being braised, reduce the eclipse and flushing of the valve body inside.
A balanced structure valve core can install smaller executor compared to
other specification. It can match all kinds of inner parts of cage valve and
reduce the total expense because of standard specification. It can shut off
ANSI B16.104 Class IV in high temperature and high pressure,
Maximum above 230 ℃.

Circulate economy

The standard stainless steel valve strengthens the ability to bear and the work life span is long.

Maintenance economy

Check or maintenance without moveable of the pieces inside the valve.

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