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Labyrinth multistage pressure reduction cage guide-



ProductName:Labyrinth multistage pressure reduction cage guide 


Labyrinth multistage pressure reduction cage guide


The balanced sleeve is of guided type structure. The principle of sleeve is tray sliced maze depressed pressure. The movement is stable and accurate. It is a kind of valve which suitable for the fluid in the condition of high temperature and high pressure difference. We can make it into the lengthen type and heat radiating type. The standard executor is multi spring coil type and electronics type.


Adopt multilevel maze depressed pressure type sleeve:

Lower the speed of fluid that goes through the pieces inside the valve

Prevent the liquid from eclipsing

Lower the noise that caused by high pressure difference

Prolonged the service life of inside valve body

It can shut off ANSI B16.104 Class IV in high temperature and
high pressure, Maximum above 230 ℃.

Circulate economy

The standard stainless steel valve strengthens to the ability to bear and the work life span

Maintenance economy

Check or maintenance without moving of the pieces inside the valve.

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