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Axial flow check valve-



ProductName:Axial flow check valve


Axial flow check valve


The structure of Axial flow check valve is advanced and reasonable, the flow rate is little, weight is light, compact conformation, costs are cheap, and installation is convenient. Switch is flexible. Leak tightness is very good. It is particularly suitable for compressor road, of heat exchanger, gas station, irrigated area, thrust jet, oil products’ transportation and waste water, steam,nuclear power plant, various pumps etc.


Prevent medium from reverse flowing. It plays the role of recloser.
Prevent the equipments, environment and body saves. 


Close with no sound.

Can be installed in any angle in the pair of valve clack and clack seat.

Pressure lose is less, fluid state is stable and with no gas etching.

Open and close is placid, no Jam, seated condition is very good.

Opening pressure is low, can reduce the starting load.

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