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Vencore Flowmeter-



ProductName:Vencorebar Flowmeter


Vencore Flowmeter

Special structure
Vencore flowmeter is a new type differential pressure (DP) flowmeter.
Its basic principle is same with other throttling flowmeters, but the special structure is special.
It owns two kinds of differential Primary Elements in structure design. It will become high precision multifunctional differential pressure flowmeter matched with multivariable transmitter. Vencore flowmeter is long-term precision, good repeatability, small limited for installation, endurance; wide flow rang compared to other ordinary differential pressure (DP) flowmeter. The commutation function of Venturi-Nozzle (1st commutation) and Vencore(2nd commutation ) also make it become a kind of excellent new differential pressure (DP) flowmeter with unique performance. The medium can be water, steam, air, natural gas, nitrogen, coal gas and organic gas, etc. Operation temperature up to 700℃,maximal pressure up to 32Mpa if choose special structure material. Vencore flowmeter can get high differential pressure, wide range rate(40:1), no special requirement for straight pipe.

■ Operation theory
Venturi-Nozzle and Vencore is the basic part of Vencore flowmeter.
Venturi-Nozzle accelerates the flowmeter medium, also commutate and regulate the velocity of flow.
Vencore is in the laryngeal of Venturi-Nozzle; it will test the velocity of flow and commutate it for the 2nd time.
The throttle part of Vencore can test big differential pressure and stable flow signal because the velocity of flow in the laryngeal is increased and stable.

■ No special requirement for straight pipe
Vencore flowmeter can be used in extremely straight run pipe configurations After contracted, accelerated and commutated by the inlet entrance, the flow medium commutated by the Vencore for the 2nd time. No need for straight pipe because the profile of flow section is stabled and linearizes. Passed the laryngeal of Vencore, flow medium will come into diffuse section. After fully diffused, it will arrive at exit. No need straight pipe because the disturbance of the flow change will not affect it.

■ Features
Measure for low velocity flow
High accuracy:±0.2%
Turn-down ratio:30:1
No special requirement for straight pipe
Low pressure loss
Self-cleaning, adapted to dirty medium
For mass or volume flow measure

Every Vencore flowmeter should be tested by itself. The test for adjustment of modulus C is usually in the Standard Flow Facilities of factory or national norm independent lab. Repeatability of Vencore flowmeter is 0.1% when Reynolds number >8000. 

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